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International Topics

Topics are not in chronological order.

  • The Effects of the Fall of Constantinople
  • The Breaking the Berlin Wall and the Decline of the Soviet Empire
  • The Transformative Impact of the Printing Press
  • Prince Henry the Navigator and Portugal’s Exploration into Africa
  • “Reaching the Heart of Africa”: The Africa Inland Mission and Evangelism
  • Andrei Sakharov and Human Rights in the Soviet Union
  • The World Health Organization: Leading the Fight to Eradicate Communicable Disease
  • Toussaint L ’Overture: Leading the World’s Only Successful Slave Rebellion
  • Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equality in South Africa
  • Emmeline Pankhurst: Leading a Militant Struggle for Suffrage in Great Britain
  • Vladimir Lenin: Leading the Russian Revolution
  • Linking Europe, Africa, and Asia: Construction of the Suez Canal
  • Charles V and the Peace of Augsburg: Leading to a New Map of Europe
  • Isabella, Ferdinand, and the Spanish Reconquista
  • James Cook and the European Encounter with Oceania
  • Exploration and Ice: Encountering the North Pole
  • The Silk Road and Breaking Cultural Barriers
  • Exploring the Galapagos: Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
  • Breaking Communism: The Creation of NATO
  • The French Impressionist Movement
  • Martin Luther: The Start of the Reformation
  • Breaking the Monarchy: The Birth of the Magna Carta
  • Breaking the British: Gandhi’s Salt March to the Sea
  • Galileo: The Breaking the Barrier of Catholicism for Science
  • The Troubles: Fighting for Independent Ireland 
  • The Paris Peace Accords: Compromises to End the Vietnam War